Sunday, May 10, 2009

diaper holder/ wipee case tutorial

This is the quickest, easiest 5 minute gift you can make. You have a baby shower to go to? and no money or time? No problem - whip this sucker up and you will have a great gift for just a couple dollars. I'm giving credit to Chelsea's sister for the idea. The tutorial is my creation - I'm sure you can improve on the basic idea.

THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS: Velcro & Tie (a third option could be made from a combination of the two)
1. Start with a placemat ( I bought this at Target for $1.99)

2. Use a wipee case to get a good idea on the spacing of the fold. You want to divide it into thirds, but not evenly. The last section will be used as a flap to close your case. 

3. My main section is just shy of 7 inches.

4. Iron your creases in so it will lay flat. I used spray starch to make it nice and flat.

5. Decide where you want to place your velcro. I went about 3 1/2 inches up from the bottom.

6. Pin it in place and sew.

7. Sew down the sides. I followed the outer topstitch line.

8. Lay your velcro pieces on top of each other when you pin them on so they will be in the right spot when you sew on the outer flap pieces.

9. This is how things should look at this point.

10. This is the view from the bottom with a wipee case, 3 diapers, and diaper rash ointment.

11. You can decorate the front. I attached some rick rack & a few buttons to give it an old school feel.

1. I bought this pink damask and green polka-dot placemat at Target for $3.99.

2. Decide where you want the folds & make creases. For this version I made a flat bottom.

3. From the bottom fold to the top it is almost 9 inches. (You might want to reverse the order and sew the tie on before you sew up the sides - for a smoother look)...

4. I pinned it at 1 inch on each side to create the flat bottom. Repeat on the opposite end.

5. Pin up the sides. 

6. Sew the bottom folds first then down the sides to meet the fold.

7. Since I didn't have any matching ribbon (way easier option, if you have it) I took a strip of fabric 2 inches wide by 55 inches long, folded it in half, serged down the side, and turned it right side out.

8. Iron it flat (but don't top stitch).

9. Decide where you want it placed on the wipee case. Remember not to sew it all the way to the end if you want the case to be able to close and for you to tie it shut.

10. Pin it in place.

11. Top stitch it into place.

12. Finish the ends of the tie. I tucked them in.

13. Folded them then sewed across the bottom and up the side of the tie.

14. This is how it should look at this point.

15. Viola! Here is your finished product. DIdn't I tell you it was easy & quick? Now your learning to trust me.

OPTION THREE - COMBINATION (sorry no pics) - I like the look of the tie, but it can be a pain untying & retying especially if you are having a 911-wipee-emergency. So an alternative would be to make the case with a false tie. You would follow directions for Option one, with velcro fasteners (I would probably add an extra one in the center, for reinforcement) - then sew the ties all the way to the opening, and attach the bow separately. You'd get the same look, but just smarter & easier for fashionably quick response the poopiest of diapers.


Jill Manning said...

I probably would have seen those place mats and thought that they had possibilities for something really cute but wouldn't know what to do with them but turned them into gold! Way to go Maren, I love the idea of combining the best of both worlds with option 3.

Domestic Designer said...

This is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful gift this would be!

Small fry & Co. said...

Great idea. Never thought of using a placemat for something like this. I am wondering why your Target has much cuter placemats than mine. NOt fair. Thanks for the tutorial though.

Misty said...

This is something I could do! What a great idea!

Northern NY Mom said...

So very cool! I have been doing the case/wipe thing for gifts. These are soooo taking over my current pattern. Thank you!

Jessie Lewis said...

Heck with gifts, I need some cuteness for my ugly backpack diaper bag.

Stacey said...

I love this! I can't wait to make one. Thanks for the great idea.

Rowanmayfairs said...

Great Tutorial !

I will have to follow your blog so I can try this one day in the future !

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