Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I *Heart* Etsy

I don't think my mother-in-law reads the secret stitch blog, so hopefully I'm safe posting this. If she does, Pat, stop reading now. :) Mother's day can be very frustrating for me. In fact, it always has been. Growing up, I had two moms to buy for and split the day with. I feel incredibly blessed to have two wonderful women in my life, but when I was young it was stressful and somewhat confusing for me to celebrate them both on the same day. So Kevin and I get married and guess what? His parent are divorced too! Two more women to celebrate Mother's day with. So, we all know simple math 2+2=4. 4 moms. Whoa. So each year, twice a year (Christmas and Mother's day), I seriously go crazy trying to find the perfect, meaningful gift for 4 moms. I tried to have Kevin take part in the gift-choosing process, but it always ends up back in my lap. Kevin is a great, many wonderful things but being a "plan ahead-er" is not his forte. And since we need to ship them up to Utah, it's helpful to plan ahead. (I know, this is all TMI and you are probably wondering when I'm going to get to the "I heart etsy" part. Right now!)

So today, I decided to look on Etsy to continue the search for the perfect gift for my MIL. There are so many lovely items on Etsy. I am SOOOO impressed with the talent out there. Just lovely. I found this necklace at this great shop and thought how I'd love to have it. I kept thinking, "So if I'd love it, might my MIL? Hmmm, but it requires a custom order to stamp "mother" onto the tag. And it's only 9 days until the big day. I'm probably too late. " I convo'd anyway and she responded back within a half hour saying, "Hey, I can do it. I can gift wrap it too and ship it to your MIL for free. AND I'll throw in a hand made gift card with a message from you. And I'll do all that just out of the kindness of my heart. " (She didn't say that last part, but she seriously did it all, "From one mother to another...any way to make your life a bit easier. No charge. :)" She did say that.) WOW! That was way more than I was even hoping for.
And that, ladies, is why I love Etsy. Real people. Real talent. Real lives. And they really care. Thank you JLynnCreations!

She inspired me. There are still 9 days left until Mother's day. If you order an apron from the Secret Stitch Shop by Tuesday it will still get there in time for Mother's day. I will gift wrap it and include a handmade card and ship it to an address of your choice for no extra charge. Because I want to make your life easier. And because Mother's day is supposed to be a day of celebration, a day to honor the wonderful women in our lives!


JLynnCreations said...

thank you so much! :) You really are too sweet...I just know how it is! There are so many things on our if I can make one of those things a bit easier I am happy to do it for you! I hope she loves it!! Happy Mother's Day a bit early!

the Picketts said...

love it! what a great idea:) i cant even imagine having 4 moms to shop for--i can barely figure out 2:)

Jill Manning said...

This is right up my alley, what a great gift! Your mom will love it, I just know it! I checked out her shop and she has a pair of earrings that I would love to have and her prices are really great. I think I know where my next apron paycheck will go. Thanks for the link!

The MacMizzles said...

Christie!!! You are a genius. I love it, and I think Pat will love it also. I have her's done allready, but boy would my mother love something from this site. thank you so much for sharing this site!

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