Sunday, June 14, 2009

Call me Spoiled!!

My mom came to visit a little while back and we visited some boutiques here in Mesa to maybe spoil Elsie with a one-of-a-kind and extremely overpriced outfit. But it was me that walked away spoiled. We found at one of the boutiques, Domestic Bliss carried adorable Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric. I was in love!! I kid you not, I squealed with delight when I saw the red poppy fabric by Heather on the shelf. When my mom saw my face light up, she knew that she had to buy it for me. She claims that I was practically drooling (which could be possible) over the stuff, but really I couldn't believe that I was seeing the fabric that I had been stalking online for months in real life. Isn't that silly? It was like this fabric was a celebrity like Zac Efron or Matt Damon and I was actually meeting them, face to face. So silly, I know. But anyways, of course I had to get coordinating fabric to go with the red and yellow poppies so I walked away VERY spoiled. My mom kept asking me what I have done with the fabric and I kept telling her that I was waiting for the perfect project...not just any apron was going to be good enough for my Heather Bailey fabric. And than I remember someone in the Secret Stitch Club got the Funked Out Apron by Lila Tueller

for a gift and I knew that this apron was THE apron for my precious fabric. The stars had aligned, the apron gods were rejoicing...this was going to be a great apron. And it is:

I didn't want to take it off at all and kept asking Ty to take pictures of me in it because I am in love! I love the vibrant colors of the fabric and the overall shape of the apron. The ruffle at the bottom and the gather bodice on top, too much!!!! And the fact that the ties wrap all the way around and tie in the front is just too perfect! I think I may add my own 1 inch wide bias tape out of the green material to the very bottom of the ruffle to tie that fabric in better but really, what a great apron?
So a huge thanks goes out to Aubrey for buying the pattern as a gift to Christie. To Christie for letting me borrow the pattern. And to my Mom, for spoiling me more than I deserve and encouraging my obsession for delicious fabric and all things aprony!
And speaking of delicious...if anyone wants to try out this brownie recipe and invite me over to eat the whole pan with you, by all means feel free. Don't these S'mores brownies from Joy the Baker just look to die for?

Good thing I am assigned a dessert for Bunko this month because I am looking for any excuse to make these and wear my new adorable apron at the same time!


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

That IS one adorable apron. I can see why you wouldn't want to take it off!! Cute cute cute!! ♥ Teresa

Rebecca said...

Beautiful!! I've been coveting that pattern, and now I want it even more!!! Very nice job!

the Picketts said...

oh my gosh JILL! You did such a fabulous job on that apron! i think it looks better on you than the pattern pic! good choice for all that adorable fabric you got spoiled with! We all need mothers like yours:) And you should definitely bring those brownies over Tuesday:)

Domestic Designer said...

Cute cute cute! I love the apron!

Kelly said...

Such a pretty apron! Great fabric choice and it is clear by your smile that this is truly a favorite. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Katie Hatch said...

LOVE the apron! So cute!

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