Thursday, June 25, 2009

fun in the sundresses

I was blog surfing the other day (because I obviously do not have enough projects to keep my idle hands busy) and came across these adorable little sundresses from Nanoo Designs. Nannette was sweet enough to let me use her images so I could share with you how stinkin' cute these dresses are...

How much would I love to see my girls in matching dresses. Paige & Abbers would look so cute!

I love the Tutu dress. Seriously, how adorable are Nannette's models? I love the yellow green fabric on the right (but Paige is a pink girl and I know would choose the fabric on the left), and if your not a big fan of tule, I bet you could substitute a sheer silky fabric and get the basic same effect.
I love that this dress is so simple and a classic design. I could see this dress in fabric from the 50's till the present. What a great design that will never go out of style. One other cool thing is that Nannette sales her patterns in groups at a discounted rate so, you getting a great deal if you want to try more then one style... Thanks Nannette for sharing your great talent.

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