Monday, June 22, 2009

simple storage solutions

I love fabric the most. I love buying it, I love having little hoards of it. I think of myself as Miss Maudie Atkinson from "To Kill a Mockingbird" in my garden surrounded by my pride and joy, just reveling in it's beauty. No one really understands this except fellow sewers/crafters. There is something magical about the endless possibilities of a single cut of fabric... joy. pure joy.
But what do you do when that joy is overshadowed by disheveled madness or you can't find that adorable Sandi Henderson piece in your tsunami sized pile of chaos. Your garden can't be admired if the flowers are piled on top of each other... wait is that a dahlia or hydrangea under that charlotte rose?

I came across the picture of the colored coated stacks above which actually might work well, but I am not a stack kind of girl. I'm a rummage-through-pulling-out-several-only-to-toss-them-all-back-and-come-up-with-a-third-one kind of girl... so this is what my garden looks like. 
pretty little rolls of fabric that remind me what I already have and surround me with beauty. You can store these in any old basket and just like flowers they will make the shabby basket look wonderful. You can keep them up high and pull down the basket when you need fabric or just some nice eye candy.

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