Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thanks Jessie for getting everyone motivated to make sundresses. I love finding brilliant ideas on the internet, but I hate it when I put them away mentally to do "some time" and never get around to them. Since Jessie made a sundress for Maddie - the fire has been relit and since Myla had a birthday it was a good excuse to peruse my fabric stash and whip something up.

I took the "slacker mom" way out and instead of making a tie, I used thick ribbon.

To make up for my "slacker mom" ways I added some trim to the bottom. I didn't want to hem, so I used bias tape. I didn't want to worry about my stitches so I covered them with rick rack and added the ribbon peaking out from underneath to coordinate with the tie. 

I was on a roll (and these suckers are so easy to make) I made 2 for Abbey & one for Paige. Paige wants to be a twinner with Ab's but isn't sure about the bagginess of the dress (if only I could wear a tent without people thinking I'm maternity and get away with it) but she promised to give it a try. I might be turning it into a skirt with an applique tank before too long if she refuses to wear it (the fabric is too cute to abandon)... thanks Amy for the great idea!


Domestic Designer said...

Really cute! Great job!

Rebecca said...

Adorable! You did great!

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