Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another CELEBRATE banner

Do you remember that "Celebrate" banner that I made a few years back? Here is a picture to help you remember.

First off, I have to laugh every time I see this banner. I remember adding that yellow ric rac and thinking I was really adding such a perfect detail to the whole banner and the ric rac was what brought the whole thing together. Whatever! The its three small pieces and actually don't do anything for the banner. The banner would have been better off without it. It just makes me laugh to think how far I have come. I still have a long way to go in my sewing skills (like actually make something that requires a zipper or buttons not ties and straps) but I really was funny about that yellow ric rac.
Anyways, this banner has been pulled out of storage quite a few times and really does make us so happy to have it hang in our house. I have decided that this one will be Ty and mine. And I want to make on for each of our kids. This means that for Elsie's first birthday coming up in a few days (holy crap, where did this year go?), she will get her very own banner. Here it is,

I love that I was able to use scrap pieces of fabric from my every growing fabric stash and that I had patterns and colors that actually coordinated. I didn't think I had become "That" person. You know the person who sews so much that someone can say, "Hey do you have this color?" and I can say, "Let me go look in my stash." That's me, I can say that! But, I digress. I think the pink and green and especially the cream trim suites Elsie perfectly! Now whenever she has a big event in her life, birthday, recitals, good grades, graduation, wedding reception (okay, just kidding, we will NOT be hanging this banner at her wedding reception), she can know it is her special day because her very own banner is hanging up in the house! And the same will go for the other kiddos that will be coming later the the far future.


Rachel said...

It's darling! I have been thinking of making a girly one for Brooke since my "original" is fairly generic in colors. Thanks for introducing me to the banner last year - I've made nearly as many banners as aprons. :0

Anonymous said...

I love it. I am thrilled with the fabrics coming out these days.

I also like your old banner. It reminds you how far you have come. I would cherish it.

Jessie Lewis said...

I've been wanting to make these cute banners I keep seeing from you girls. Poor Maddie had to settle for a construction paper banner for her birthday. I guess that will show how far I will eventually get when she has a fabric one. I can't believe Elsie is going to be 1!

Christie said...

That turned out adorable! Elsie will treasure it. You've inspired me to create something for each of my kids that will be just theirs forever.

Anonymous said...

The banner is just wonderful. I have been wanting to make a few and you have inspired me! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Courtney said...

What a great idea. I am so lazy about celebrations and was just thinking the other day how fun it would be to have a tradition. I think this will be it.

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