Thursday, July 9, 2009

book cover tutorial

It's time for another tutorial. I made this book for Christie to keep her FHE lessons in, since she let me borrow & make copies. Anyway, I thought you could make it for lots of great uses. A journal for your kids, photo album, collection of favorite stories from the web or Christmas stories. I get so many "art" projects from my kids school and I thought this would be a great way to store them and not just toss them in a box. Just add a few clear sheet protectors and voila! Personalized coffee table book to show off how brilliant your children are.

I bought a 1 & 1/2 inch binder and started to get creative about what I could repurpose instead of buying batting. I came up with an old towel. I cut it just larger then the book. You can trim it down.

I also grabbed my bottle of spray glue (really makes this project easier!)

Here is yet another idea for a batting alternative. I found some flannel left over from a baby blanket that was the perfect thickness for what I wanted.

Spray the cover of your book and wrap the fabric abound the entire book. 

I cut the edges on the sides, but left about an inch on the bottom & top to wrap around.

Try to smooth out any air bubbles as you are placing on your batting/fabric. Spray adhesive is not so permanent with fabric you can pull it up a few times to smooth it out without loosing your stickiness.

I use spray starch to make sure my cover fabric is nice and flat.

Wrap it just like you did the batting/fabric. Use the spray adhesive to secure it to the batting/fabric (unless you are sewing an applique, otherwise you will use this as a measuring step - wait to glue until after you sew on your applique)

This time I overlapped it about an inch on all four sides to fold over.

I figured out what I wanted for an applique and figured out placement on the top of book.

I used scraps to create a tree and leaves for my applique.

I'm a crappy artist so I traced the basic idea on the back of the fabric before I cute it out.

I placed everything on the top of the book to get a good idea of how the final product will look.

I sewed enough to hold the leaves in place.

I sewed the tree in place and outlined the leaves.

This is how the backside looked with my pieces stitch to it.

I sewed on ric rac to finish the edge and frame my applique.

Next I centered my fabric and spray glued it in place.

This is how the inside looked.

I cut a piece of cardboard to fit both insides of the folder. Sprayed them with glue covered them in the main fabric.

The spray glue isn't strong enough for cardboard so I used my handy dandy glue gun for this part. Just squeezed out a ton of glue to hold it in place.

I glued the corners down & placed it over the inside cover.

This is how it looks finished on the inside.

Here is the finished product. Hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did... 


Lisa said...

Love the fabric. Great idea to repurpose and old towel--would've never thought of that! Nice job

Jessie Lewis said...

I'm doing this! I don't know for what yet, but I will do this.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Deb said...

Thanks for the cute tute! And thanks as well for the gorgeous Limeade apron Maren!!! It arrived today and my two girls are fighting over it (ha ha).

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