Saturday, July 4, 2009

SSC Celebrates 2 years of sewing bliss

Yeah!! We just passed our 2 year anniversary and to celebrate we had a Karaoke party at Nikki's cute house. Sorry for the pictures but I took them with my phone and was trying to be as incognito as I could. Here is Carrie bringing out that inner Celine (actually I think she might have been singing 'Born to be Wild').

Jessie entertained up with some Garth Brooks country. I thought about videoing it with my camera, but didn't want my house to get tp'd or worse... my sewing machine to get kidnapped and held for ransom.
I think if we gave a prize for most natural in front of a Karaoke machine it would definitely go to Jill. She is the Karaoke Queen. There is no 80's hair band she can't rival.

Rachel is probably the only one who could sing out of the group and honestly we didn't hear enough of her (me. yes... Frank Sinatra's voice is lower then you'd think, I'll stick to Cyndi Lauper next time)

We decided instead of swapping aprons like last year, this year we will swap the bag. This is the Buttercup Bag made by Rae. It is incredibly adorable and according to Jill & Christie super easy to do. You can find the pattern here. (Thanks Rae for letting us use your images & pattern. It is too cute to pass up). Anyway, we will be posting pictures from the swap August 1st.

Partners (updated 7/9/09):
Rachel has Beka
Jessie has Christie
Nikki has Abbey
Beka has Jessie
Carrie has Rachel
Aubrey has Jill
Christie has Nikki
Martha has Carrie
Abbey has Martha
Maren has Aubrey
Jill has Maren
I just wanted to say it's been a great two years with my best bff sewing sisters and through this blog we have met so many amazing and talented women. Thank you SSC ladies for making the last 2 years fun and helping me to enjoy the ride and thanks to all our online sewing sisters for inspiring us and making us feel united as women, mothers, and friends.

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Jessie Lewis said...

Maren, I would prefer you let me know when you're taking pics so I can at least suck in.

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