Friday, July 3, 2009

What Can You Do With A $2 Sheet From The Thrift Shop?

Use it as lining for a cute summer bag.
Oh, Fransson Tutorial found here.

Make a sundress for your adorable daughter.

A relaxed skirt for mom.
Polka Dot Cottage. Tutorial found here. I made the skirt less-full than the tutorial calls for. I wish I would have kept it more full.


Rachel said...

Jessie, you're amazing!

the Picketts said...

wow! those are all so cute Jessie! good job, i love your vintage style:)

Jill Manning said...

Wow, you think of everything. What pattern did you use for Maddie's dress? It looks adorable (almost as darling as Maddie herself).

Christie said...

Look at you go! Way to make a sheet go a long way. They look wonderful. I'm with Jill, what pattern did you use for Maddie's dress? It looks so sweet and comfy.

Jessie Lewis said...

I actually didn't use a pattern for her dress. If I show you the dress in person you can totally tell. I was inspired by the buttercup bag, but instead of pleats, I did gathering. Then I just added some straps.

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