Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maria would be so proud...

Maria Von Trapp that is. I was roaming through Ikea on Saturday which was my first mistake. Note to self: Never go to Target or Ikea the Saturday before ASU starts their fall semester. Both stores were zoos and I was going crazy! In both stores I knew exactly what I needed, where to find them and what routes to take. I was not anticipating the hoards of people who did not. Anyways, I was walking through Ikea and knew I only had about 10 minutes before Elsie was going to move into full melt down mode and was rushing through the store trying to get the fabric. Once I got there I didn't see anything that I liked and especially nothing that I wanted to spend $8 on. I can't believe what a fabric snob I have become. As I was rushing out of textiles to get to the candle section, I saw IT. The fabric that I had been looking for. But it was in the form of a pillow case. A $4 pillow case. I was in love and I snatched it right up and felt so happy, until Elsie started screaming her head off in the check out line. And than I realized that Ikea doesn't offer shopping bags. You have to buy your own reusable bag for .59 cents. I was so mad and stuffed my 12 candle stick holders into my pillow case and swung the bag over my shoulder like Santa Clause and just hoped that they weren't going to ban me from ever coming into their store again with my daughter. When I showed Ty my fabric and that it was a pillow case he immediately reminded me that I was like Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music and that made me even more happy! I love that movie and would be honored to be compared to anything Julie Andrews. Remember the scene where Gaylord sees his children climbing trees in the old drapes that were Maria's room? If not here is the exact conversation:

Captain von Trapp: Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?

Maria: Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvelous time!

No doubt Elsie will be having a marvelous time in this new dress that I made her. And ironically enough the style of the dress is a Pillow Case Dress. Just too gosh darn appropriate!

I finished the dress tonight at around 11 pm so I haven't had a chance to have Elsie model it for me but I love how it looks on the hanger. I just love the bow on the side. It does become quite annoying when she pulls it out over and over again and I have to wrestle her to get it tied again but she will learn to leave it alone and to enjoy it.
For the tutorial for this adorable and super easy dress go toHabitual and get the free tutorial.


Maren said...

I love clever women who can see outside the box and are always on the lookout for great peice of fabric in various disguised forms. Maria would be proud indeed.

San-Dee said...

you could be a mean mom and tack the bow so she can't pull it out-but then she'd never learn to tie them, right?

Christie said...

So cute! That Elsie is gonna be one fabulous dressed little girl.

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