Friday, August 28, 2009

Messenger Bag

I think most of us here at Secret Stitch have been on a purse frenzy. I've made far too many for me to possibly use and most not cute enough to give away. So I decided to make another. This one more practical and roomy. I have a love/hate relationship with shoulder bags. I love all the cute purses out there, but here comes the hate; I hate that they always fall off my shoulder when I bend down. And with a one year old on your hip you're constantly bending down.
I found the perfect bag for me at mmmcrafts. Here is a link to the tutorial. The only changes I would make to my bag are these:
1. Either use thicker material or add interfacing (which she suggests in the tutorial).
2. Embellish the front flap with some embroidery or applique (which she also suggests).
3. Add more pockets to the interior because we all could use more pockets in life.


Casey said...

Jess, you continue to amaze me with all of your talent.

Christie said...

Jessie I agree with Casey, you are amazing! And inspiring. I love the bag. I think it's awesome. I have the same problem with my purse falling off my shoulder too. It's so annoying! Great idea with the messenger bag. And great tips.

Larissa said...

Hi! Love that fabric. I'm glad you could use the tutorial. Interfacing is a beautiful thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

what fabric is this? I love it!

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