Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Aprons Please

My sister a few months back propositioned me to make some aprons for my little nieces. Knowing how picky my sister can be about things I was a little hesitant but she agreed to buy the fabric and that I would put it all together. She gave me a bit of an idea what she wanted and than said, "I trust you, go for it!" And away I went!

I am in love with the Heather Bailey fabric that she picked out and have a small piece of fabric left over from the Pineapple Brocade fabric (the first one in the picture) and I am just dying for an excuse to use the rest of it. The design was one that I came up with and I was really shocked by how much faster it is to make a kid apron versus an adult one. It took now time at all. I even lined the aprons (I like lining things because than you don't have to hem anything) which I thought was a good touch!
And bonus, aren't my little nieces just adorable?
And because my sister was so kind to plug our site and Etsy shop, I thought I would send you all to her blog if you are interested in custom logos or custom blog design. A Bushel and a Peck of FUN. I have always said that everything she touches turns to gold and you will quickly see why I say it. And if you live in the Fresno, CA area, she has a photography business as well and does phenomenal work! Like I said, if she touches turns to gold!


Christie said...

Jill, I love the aprons! They are adorable, as are your nieces. That fabric is so pretty. I've been eyeing some Heather Bailey fabric myself, but need to sell something to feel guilt-free buying it. Great job!!

The MacMizzles said...

JILl!!!!! They turned out fabulous. I absolutely love it. Heather Bailey is a favorite of mine also. What fun to make aprons for your nieces. Aren't you glad you picked up this crazy craft called sewing? Great work.

susana said...

You looking gorgeous on this aprons...They are adorable,its really great job & good idea thanks for sharing...
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic aprons...i love it!!!They are adorable...That fabric is so pretty...Great job!!good idea thanks for sharing...
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