Friday, September 4, 2009

fabric flower tutorial

I wanted to make a fabric flower for an embellishment, but was disappointed by some of the tutorials out there. They actually assumed I was going to put effort into making a fabric flower... as an eternal lazy arse I am always searching for the EASY-PEASY way to sew or make what I want for half the effort... so I came up with the "Slacker Mom Tutorial for Fabric Flowers" - to all my slacker kindred spirits out there... this one is for you!

1. Gather your scraps & cut them to the size you need. I cut 3" squares.

2. Choose 3 or 4 coordinating fabrics.

3. Figure out what order you want them cut out in. You will be cutting circle that graduate in size.

4. Cut your first (the largest) circle.

(this is how it will look)

(don't worry about making it a perfect circle, wonky circles are cuter, get chosen first for dodgeball, and more appreciated for their uniqueness by slackers... or we are just too lazy to grab a nearby cup to use as a template)

5. Cut out your second circle, making it just a tad smaller then the first.

6. Cut out your third wonky circle.

7. Cut out your last circle (smallest).

(stand back and take a gander - this is how they will look layered)

8. Don't forget to choose a cute button, plasticky thing-a-ma-bob, or bling to sew/glue/whatever as the center of your flower.

9. Next grab a needle & matchy thread and sew through all layers.

10. Sew a circle ( you can do this with the sewing machine, but it might not gather as easy... whatever you like best - go with it, it will look great!)

(You can see my stitching sucks, I don't like sewing by hand, but as it is only like 5 stitches, I can take it)

11. Fold it in half and rub-a-dub the heck out of it for like a minute or two. Christie calls this step "roughing it up".

(it should look like it had a binge drinking night out on the town by the time you get through with it) - tip: home decor & heavier weight fabrics fringe faster/easier then reg. cotton.

12. Pull your thread to tighten the stitches and create a small minuscule gather on the back, or don't and it can stay nice and flat (again I trust your judgment).
(here's what she looks like up to this point)

13. Sew your button on, or glue your bling thang.

(this is how the back of mine looks, not so pretty - but we embrace that as Slacker Moms)

14. Attach your hardware with some hot glue & fabric (to help adhere) - either a pin to adorn a freaking cute bag...

or an alligator clip so your daughter doesn't loose it while swinging on the monkey bars during recess... and waste what few productive minutes you spent out of the day.

Yeah!! Your done just in time to watch a few minutes HGTV before the baby wakes up from her nap or you feel inclined to get dressed before the kids/husband come home from school/work.


Rebecca said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Super cute - I can't wait to try these.

Also, the last couple of times I have visited your website, the first ad going down the left side has been of a naked lady and the words "come play my lord".

Just thought I'd give you guys a head's up - my kids are standing over my shoulder most of the time, telling me something or another, and it's definitely more than my little boy needs to see!

Feel free to edit or remove this comment as you see fit. I love all of the cute things you guys post - it's so much fun!

Christie said...

Thank you for letting us know! We certainly don't want to be advertising anything questionable.

Maren said...

sorry about the crappy advertising. We noticed it as well and had it removed. How pathetic that you can't even trust advertising to not objectify women and sale their bodies for material objects (this was my original thesis topic) - I won't say anything further... thanks for the interest on our little blog. Glad you enjoy our crafting/sewing - it's nice to know we have kindred spirits out there who love this hobby as much as we do.

Anonymous said...

You guys are wonderful! Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Sharon said...

Not only is this a great is hillarious!! I cracked up reading it as another lazy crafter. Thanks for a simple & precious post.

Becky said...

Fricking crackin' me up!! I am a slacker mommy to the core!!! My hubbie calls it half a***d. I say it gets the job done :) Thanks for the great post and the cute site.

singapore florist said...

adore the layers.

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

I made a ton of these today - so fast! Thanks!!!

Deb said...

Perfect - and a hoot to boot! I love fabric flowers but am not much for complicated, fussy directions. One of my favorite stamps is this saying "embrace imprefection." Your shabby (and I mean that in the very best way)flowers are perfect for my grungy style. thanks for the info and the laugh.

Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your effort in sharing this informative articles. Very impressive and quite interesting for the readers. Good job.

Nathalie Uy said...

When you feel like quitting think about why you started. (y)

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