Wednesday, September 9, 2009

let's hear it for finishing projects!

It's so easy to start a new project to buy fabric, patterns, and even cut it out. It's another mountain all together to complete the project and be able to move on... as I will illustrate below.
Actually this skirt began as a prize for my family raffle at our reunion. I didn't have any ready made so I "IOU'd" a skirt to whoever won, actually 4 of them. Well, my tall skinny niece won and when shopping for fabric everything was "not my style" (Amy Butler, Moda, Michael Miller... if that's not for every hip girl out there what is?!?) This East coast girl gave me serious anxiety, until I just decided I would pick a style and fabric and she can toss it if it doesn't jive will her ultra cool East coast ways. I love the finished result. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby and the ladies there thought it was great... three more to go.

This are some of my adorable preschool students (Karsyn and Tessa) and they are modeling the smocks I made for preschool. Yeah, your like smocks... oooh hard stuff. But this was a major mountain. I gave away all my little kiddie aprons to Paige's kindergarten class because they were too big for my preschoolers. I intended to make replacements the following year.

Flash forward to last year - still slowly working on them here and there. Finally I got the drive and Season 10 of Dallas from Netflix and went to town. I have 5 pink and 5 Lightning McQueen red ones. I don't expect to have 10 students at one time, but it's nice to have backups.
Here are 4 of my 5 girls donning these loverly little smocks.

It's made out of plastic table cloth fabric (you know the kind that is cottony on one side). I also made a plain cotton liner for the inside, so they wouldn't rip it to shreds. Then I finished the arm holes with a pink double sided bias tape.

The big 2 inch strip of velcro is probably my favorite part. I don't get any of... Miss Maren can you tie this, can you take this off, can you bla, bla, bla... because they can rip it off in a moments notice and the velcro also helps to get a custom fit out of a generic sized article - yahoo!!

This is a set for our friend Chelsea who is having a "Piper" any minute now.

I trimmed a changing cover in polka dot brown bias tape. The edges were tricky, but it turned out great.

and here is the bath apron I made for her. It's a polka dot reversible towel with brown bias tape trim.

Very ugly squeaky shoes from Savers, cost $1. Ripped off the hideous plastic figurine on front and gave to Raheem, Jessie's dog (who also loves a good squeaky shoe).

Added one darling fabric flower made from flower tutorial.

And you get a pair of crazy but pretty squeaky shoes that will make you laugh at your friends little boy as he runs around your house for an hour, unsure of where the noise is coming from and too little to take them off (Thanks Gavin!).


Christie said...

That skirt is so cute. If I were smaller I'd suggest you accidentally misplace it over here at my house. I love it! I'm sure she will too.

Chelsea will love the things you made for her and Piper. They are so cute! Chelsea had her baby last night so she'll be putting it to good use soon!

Charity said...

Can you leave a tutorial for those cute smocks? Or an idea of where I can get a pattern for purchase? Or maybe you already have and I just don't know it?

Jill Manning said...

You are a power house Maren, I don't think any of us can rival your speed and quality when it comes to sewing things up!

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