Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Humpty Dumpty

I did it. I made my own Humpty Dumpty doll using the pattern given by the ubber-talented Ikat Bag and I must say, I think he is very handsome.

I think my favorite part is his shoes, I love that he has red soles. His very own pair of Louboutins, does this mean he is a metrosexual? Ty and I spent a long time looking through my fabric stash to come up with the perfect ensemble and I am pleased with how it all turned out.
Would I make another one? Maybe. I learned a lot with this project and had to figure things out as I went along but because I absolutely love how he turned out, I am encouraged to maybe try it again, maybe he needs a companion...a girly Humpty Dumpty? It could happen.


the Picketts said...

WOw! Jill you finished him already and he looks SO adorable!! Good job- i love his pants!

Jessie Lewis said...

So cute. I definitely want to make one of these guys. I love all your fabric choices.

Slipstitches said...

Oh wow, that's very cute!

Christie said...

Mr Humpty is so stinkin' cute!! I definitely think he needs a girly friend. Great job Jill. I'm so impressed!

The MacMizzles said...

Mr. humpty has the coolest pants on the planet...perhaps he would let me borrow them.

What a fun project, and great job JILL!

LiEr said...

Hey there! He turned out great! Am so glad you tried him because look how marvelous he is - red soles and supremely cool pants! Love, love your fabric choices! A girl humpty (humptina? humptette?) would be very fun! Make her! Make her so I can come see and drool!

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