Friday, September 18, 2009

Results of the Sassy Brassy Giveaway

Thank you all for your submissions in naming our ladyquinn. Out of all the suggestions submitted I chose my 10 favorites and had each of the members of the SSC vote. They each received 5 votes and the one with the most votes won. But before announcing the winner I would like to pay homage to the top name suggestions...

Here are the top ten names that were voted on:
1. Bette/Betty (submitted by mkokopelli, Stacey, Kaelene, Jenna, Aunt Pitty Pat)
2. Jane (submitted by Aunt Pitty Pat)
3. Lola (submitted by Leslie and Mrs. Thornton)
4. Dolly (submitted by Nicole and Carole)
5. Bridget (submitted by Jill)
6. Babs (submitted by Natalie)
7. Marie Antoinette (submitted by Kevin via Christie)
8. Lucy (submitted by Allison and Jules)
9. Mimi (submitted by Jules)
10. Roxy (submitted by Diana, Natalie, and Mandy)

the winner of the LUCY APRON is Jules!

Our Buxom ladyquinn will now and forever be known as MIMI... (Mimi won by one vote over Bette/Betty)

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Jill Manning said...

Congrats Jules, that is so exciting! I think I can speak for Mimi and say, thank you for finally giving her a name. You are so lucky to own this apron, it is one of my favorites.

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