Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sisters & twinners - the best of both worlds

I made these dresses in May/June - but was lazy at posting pictures. I just ran across them the other day and they made me smile.
I love that my 7 year old still wants to be twinners with her baby sister.
These sundresses were made from Lil Blue Boo sundress pattern. It is so simple and takes no time at all. I added the extra trim at the bottom to tie into the straps and top. They fit custom to the kid you are making them for so you need their dimensions. But they turned out so cute, just like the models.


Jill Manning said...

I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to have two girls so that I too can have the best of both worlds. Paige is such a sweetheart to play twinners with her lil sis. And you did it again Maren, I love the dresses.

the Picketts said...

love the dresses & the adorable dance bag- awesome job Maren...of course:)!!

Jessie Lewis said...

Maddie definitely needs a sister to be cute with. Your kids are so darling. I can't believe how big Abby is getting and how tan Paige is. The dresses are adorable on them both.

Christie said...

That last picture is darling! Love the dresses. I'm thinking that you should make yourself one too. :)

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