Saturday, September 19, 2009

this ones for Christie

I found these cupcake holders over at Bake it Pretty and it just made me think of our Christie, the yummy baking cuppycake girl of the SSC. Long may she reign and continue to make Key Lime Cupcakes... Look they also have them in Damask for crazies like me... because you know that Damask is technically Toile's little sister or bff - any way you figure they must be kin.


Christie said...

I love me some cupcakes. And I love Bake it Pretty! Someday, when I win the lottery, I will be shopping there. I can't shop there now because I think it's kinda like potato chips, I could never stop at just buying one thing.

Maren said...

hmmm... potato chips. Have you tried "Kettle" brand baked potato chips - you can find them at Costco every full moon or 100 years. They are just like the real deal, but you feel less guilty when licking the inside of the bag when you are through.

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