Friday, October 16, 2009


picture from here

Check out this adorable apron! I am quite in love with the big bow at the neckline. It's downright dreamy! You know what's great? There is a free tutorial for this sweet Citrus Holiday apron at Sew4Home. You can find it here! While you're there, check out all the great tutorials they have. I could get lost for hours on that site.

Hmm, all the kids are sleeping. Should I take a much-needed nap, get started on this Citrus Holiday apron, fold laundry, or blog surf? Decisions, decisions.


Scotty and Jenna said...

SO CUTE! Love the trim and the bow!!

Maren said...

This apron looks a lot like the anniversary apron - except for the tie around the waist which is adorable (if you have a cute waist... or even just a waist for that matter) AND the tutorial is amazing and very professionally done. This site is a gem. Thanks for finding it Christie!! This wasn't waisted internet time - not when you find a treasure trove of cool ideas.

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