Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Doll Swap

This year I participated in Aunt Pitty Pats Halloween Doll Swap. This is my second doll swap and probably my last for awhile. Unfortunately nothing ever materialized from the first doll swap (don't you hate putting time and energy into something and getting stood up by your partner?) The worst part about it was that my 7 year old daughter had her hopes up that we were going to get this great doll in the mail. She checked the mail everyday and it never came - despite numerous emails from my partner and long lists of excuses. I can understand how some people get caught up and over extend them selves, my daughter does not understand broken promises... it's heart breaking. So I decided that with this doll swap I would make an extra one so Paige won't get stiffed and when my new partner comes through Paige can be surprised. This is what I sent my partner in NY:

Isn't she adorable? (I have to say that Aunt Pitty Pat does try her best to see that those who get stiffed get something, but I never informed Aunt Pitty Pat trusting that my old partner would come through, I'm a dumb girl, I know) Anyway, In the swap they give you a pattern to use, I didn't really use mine. I had an idea of what I wanted to do from the start and some of the pieces made no sense, and others I changed to fit what I needed. This is how she ended up. But I really thought she needed a hat, to be considered a true witch.

This is the doll I kept for Paige. She is slightly different then the one I sent out. AND she has
a hat. I found a good basic hat candy pattern from cheeky magpie (she has GREAT ideas for paper arts and numerous crafts with some free patterns), but again morphed it in to a great hat that works wonders and can be crammed into a box during off season.

This might be my favorite part. I love her shoes and tights, they are so fun.

Being a true apronista, I completed her outfit with a small green apron. I think she is perfect. I'm actually considering creating my own pattern/tutorial and posting it on this site (for free) so you can try your hand at creating a fun Halloween doll.


Jennifer said...

Oh, that stinks you never got your Annie. I've yet to get my apron. =( On the Tuesday, three days before it was due, I sent an email saying I had sent it and sorry if it ended up a day late. She sent one back saying a family member had a heart attack the day before so hers would be late. Like I told APP, if she didn't have it ready by four days before the swap or almost done then she was going to be late anyway. Personally I think if people find they can't follow thru with their swaps that they need to send the package back. I almost didn't send the apron when I did because I was afraid she would flake. Here's to hoping our partners really come through this time.

Paula said...

I LOVE your dolls! So cute and creative. Hope you had a great halloween!

Stacey said...

Oh she's adorable!! I love her and I would love the tutorial. You are so talented!!! You and the ssc girls continually inspire me. I hope you get your doll this time!!!! But to be honest, how could it top your witch! :)

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