Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Casey declared on Sunday that he wanted to do a Halloween craft. So we headed outside and gathered some small tree branches, painted them black, painted an old plant pot purple and made some fabric flowers. I added some stretched-out-batting to make cobwebs for a spooky look and the black ribbon for a not so spooky look (I didn't want to scare any children with the spookiness). The shiny purple pot is my favorite part and the poorly crafted flowers are my least favorite.

How cute are these little booties. Pirate booties. Get it? I was perusing the fat quarters at Joann's, like I usually do, and found the red and black stripes and thought they would make super cute shoes. Five minutes later I saw the skull fabric; perfect.


Jessie Lewis said...

Sorry, here's the link to the baby shoes

We've made them so often here on SSC that I forgot to add it!

Rachel said...

I love those booties!

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