Monday, October 19, 2009

Wippee Case

So, I thought I'd introduce my Colorado Chapter sewing partner! This is Jamie! I've been so thrilled to find someone willing to sew with me every Thursday night. I've sent the invitation out to a couple gals, but no one else has responded so enthusiastically! We've made a purse, now diapee wippee case and we have the birdie sling and the rev. apron on our project list! Can't wait! Thanks girlies for instilling this sewing passion in me! It's something I always look forward to.


Christie said...

Great job! How exciting to have a CO chapter of the SSC! I added her to the blog.

Ok, I love the fabric on the wipie case you are holding. It's so cute.

Mad Dog's Mom said...

You guys want an Arkansas Chapter?? Haha - I try to sew once a week making cute things - Key word here is TRY - Anyway, love your blog! You give me inspiration!
Kelly Moore

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