Friday, November 6, 2009

Courtesy of Heatherbailey blog

Arizona neighbors! You will seriously miss out if you don't make your way to downtown Mesa, AZ this weekend for Blissfest 2009, presented by my ever-fabulous friends at Domestic Bliss, Kristin & Dan Alber. Stephanie Nielson and her husband, Christian, will be there. Tara Frey will be doing a book signing with her new book, Blogging for Bliss. Jaimee Rose is coming too. There will be music, dancing, dozens of artists' booths, a stagecoach -- I mean, come on, a stagecoach!

I'll be at the Blogging Lounge on Saturday afternoon and the HB crew will be there too, with our own version of a general store: Trash Ties, fabric, felt, patterns, kits, chit chat, perhaps some chocolate to snack on. So, AZ folks, put your cotton-pickin' boots on and mosey on down to Friday night's 'Grand Fandango' and Saturday's Blissfest Market. Details on the flyer above or visit the Blissfest blog.
Happy Fall. I don't know about your neck of the woods, but, here, the weather is gorgeous. Finally.
See you there!
(Felt supply all fat & re-stocked by the way -- if you've been waiting.)

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Christie said...

Thanks for posting that Stacey! This weekend was crazy busy, but I would've loved to go to this. Hopefully they will do something like this again.

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