Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finding Me

Just a quick thought. This week I feel like I finally feel like I am sewing for me. So many times I've felt the weight of trying to compete with so many amazing seamstresses out there. Yes, including you ssc girls. But, I feell like I'm in my groove now...finding projects that I really enjoy. making time to sew when I want. inspiring other girls to get into it. But, I think most of all is that I've realized that we all sew at our own pace, and that's okay.


Rachel said...

Well said. I quit sewing for a while because I felt like I couldn't keep up, but now I'm ok with being a mediocre seamstress that works at my own pace. :)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I think I struggle the most with the fact that some projects can't be done all at one time. I hate to walk away and have to finish it. That really limits the projects I feel like i can handle. I need to be better about accepting that some projects just take time :)

Maren said...

My hang up if finding my limit. There are some projects I just can't even consider because they are far above my capabilities. It's nice to push yourself and look back over old projects to see how far you've come, but also know that you don't sew as well as your mom, or grandmother - but knowing someday you will.

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