Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of a Kind

Today I'd like to introduce you to some pretty fun and unique gift opportunities...just in case you were looking.

You just pull your clean baby from the tub and reach for a towel, but wait... you are already wearing one... ingenious. Check out this lemony-fresh bath apron here. It's a steal at $26 and FREE SHIPPING! (Avaiable on other colors.)

Are the mundane household chores getting you down? Get an immediate boost in energy (and self-confidence) when you put on this sassy little number. Flirty, flattering, and fabulous, this lined apron is made from the Kitschy Corset apron pattern by Brassy Apple with Sandi Henderson fabric. $25 and FREE SHIPPING will put this baby right on your doorstep. Check out this Wild Thing in Turquoise apron here. (Also available in green.)

This white onesie is extra special with a handmade, stitched multi-color robot applique. It is size 0-3 months. For $9.50 and FREE SHIPPING, this would be the perfect gift for the new little one in your life. Go here for more info.

This sweet little sundress inspired apron is full of sass with large, multi-colored polka dots and hot pink pleated trim. This apron is so fun to wear around to help motivate you to do the dishes, cook, bake or just to feel pretty. For $23 and FREE SHIPPING, this sweet thing could be yours or make a great gift for that special woman in your life. Check it out here.

For these items and lots more, see the Secret Stitch Shop!

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