Monday, November 16, 2009

The Secret Stitch Club photo op

(l to r: Beka, Christie, Abbey, Jessie, Maren, Jill and Nikki)

We recently had an opportunity to have our picture taken by our good friend Jenna of Jameson Photography. She did a wonderful job and managed to take a relatively flattering picture of us (even though I begged her to airbrush 30lbs. off me or cut and paste my head on Abbey's body) - it's not too bad, the down side was we didn't have Rachel (she had to take her son to the dr.'s) and a few other ladies had prior commitments. Next time we'll get us all - the up side was we had a great time laughing at ourselves and making each other laugh. I love these ladies.


Rachel said...

You are one sassy bunch of stitchers! Love it!

Jill Manning said...

I can't even begin to tell you how happy this picture makes me!! The whole photo shoot was such a blast and I didn't want it to end. Though I am sorry that it looks like I am about to take a huge bite out of Maren's head. Could I look any scarier when I laugh?

Kelly said...

I love the picture! What a great group of friends indeed! ~Kelly

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