Monday, December 14, 2009

Bunko Love!

Okay - so this has NOTHING to do with sewing, but it is about having fun and we have a lot of ladies that read this blog and might have fun starting their own BUNKO group. I have made countless worksheets over the years that I've played and want a place to share them with other ladies who want to start their own group. I saved these as jpeg so you can hopefully print them up and use them to start your own group, (if you have troubles I can email them to you in pdf or excel)

Every Bunko group is unique and has it's own set of rules or guidelines - here is the basic outline of our group. Feel free to change it to fit your needs.

1. There are 12 players
2. We meet the 2nd Friday of the month at a different house each time.
3. Each member signs up to host 1 month during the year
4. Each player pays $10, the host buys gifts with the $120 for the Bunko winner prizes (everyone goes home with something)
5. Everyone brings something to eat
6. The host will send out an invatation or evite to all the members giving them the time and place (generally we play from 7-9pm)

How To Play:

1. Each table has 3 dice, and 4 players.
2. There are 3 tables, the "head or main" table also has a bell or buzzer.
3. The bell signals the beginning of the round. When the head table reaches 21 points, the bell rings and signals the end of the round.
4. After each round, players switch partners.
5. Every second game the players rotate tables, (winners walk, losers on the second game stay)

How to Score:

1. Begin by rolling all 3 dice for (1)'s, keep going until you don't roll any more and your turn is over. Pass the dice. Keep going until you hear the bell and the round ends. Next roll for (2)'s, then (3)'s etc.
2. The person sitting directly across from you is your partner, your scores are added together.
3. If you roll 3 of a kind any time during the game it counts as an extra 5 pts.
4. If you roll 3 "2"'s at any time during the game you temporarily hold the "travel" (it can be a stuffed animal, tiara, boa, etc.) - the last person with the travel gets 2nd choice at prizes.
5. If you roll 3 of the number you are on at anytime during that specific game, it's a Bunko and gets you an extra 21 pts. example: If you are rolling 4's and my partner rolls all 4's - she gets a bunko & we can add 21 pts. to our score. You keep a running tally of all Bunko's you personally roll. The one with the most bunko's at the end wins first choice of prizes.

That's it! Please feel free to comment and make clarifications ... here are the worksheets I've made to keep you organized in a folder

This is a basic guide list to help new members understand how Bunko works...

Here is a score sheet. We've never played more then 3 rounds, but it gives you the option for more games.

This is a guide to help you when you shop for prizes or knowing what order to let the players choose the prizes.

Sign up sheet so you know who is hosting and when.

Food assignment sheet should be laminated or kept in a plastic page holder so you can write in the names of who is bringing what each time. You want write the members of your group on the right side in permanent ink and then depending on who is hosting on the left and write in the next person with a dry erase marker. (Exp. Mary, Jane, Anne, Kate, Charlotte, etc. - say Jane is hosting she would write in her name next to hostess and then write in Anne, Kate, Charlotte etc... down the list)

This is to keep track of everyone's monthly dues. Have the members place their money in the folder and check off their name for that month.

Make up a Members list for each member of the group so all numbers and contact is available in case someone can't make it and needs to get a sub.

Keep a list for people who want to join or just sub for future reference. We prioritize in the order they are written down.

I hope this HELPS and you create the BEST Bunko group ever!!

p.s. Here is a youtube video on "Bunco Basics" and "moving from tables" - might be helpful to have a visual


JanuskieZ said...

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Nichole Crawford said...

Could I have your forms in PDF format? They are adorable!


Maren said...

Nichole I need your email address or you can be my fb friend and I can send them that way. Maren _ Buchanan @ yahoo. Com or Maren Byrnes Buchanan

Anonymous said...

I am starting a Bunco group and would love to get the PDFs of your documents if you still have them.


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