Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quiet Book

I made this quiet book for Maddie for Christmas. I know she'll love it once she's sitting on a church pew, quietly thumbing through the pages. Here are a couple of sites with page ideas and patterns.

This is a pretty easy project, just VERY TIME CONSUMING. I have been making it slowly over the past few months.

Page 1: I drew animals with fabric markers. The flaps are felt and sewn on. I would recommend non-felt for the flaps because the fabric markers don't write well on them. I embroidered the lettering.

Page 2-3: The two figures are felt and hand sewn on. I cut out clothing pieces from felt.

Page 4: Felt football hand sewn on. Shoe lace woven in. Felt goal post hand sewn on.

Page 5: Felt stop light with colored stitching to coordinate with the matching felt colored circles. The signs are drawn with fabric marker, and velcro tabs to attach the matching felt signs.

Page 6: Fabric marker to draw the map and a toy car to navigate through.

Page 7: Felt dog hand sewn on. Pipe cleaner leash with a buckle bought at Joann's.

Page 8: Felt flowers with a slit in the middle. Stems and leaves are green embroidery. Buttons sewn on to attach flowers. Fabric vase fabric glued on.

Page 9: Embroidered snowflakes. Felt mitten hand-sewn on. Soft fleece on the inside of mitten.

Page 10: Felt robot hand stitched on. Buttons attaching legs and arms so they move and come off. Fabric marker to draw his buttons. Embroidered lettering.

Page 11: Embroidered ants. Felt blanket and table settings. Basket fabric glued on.

Page 12: Felt elephant hand sewn on. Embroidered balloon strings and balloon outlines color coordinated with felt circles. Felt circles attached with velcro.

Page 13: Pipe cleaners with large beads strung and I hand sewed the felt on each side to hide the ugly ends of the pipe cleaners. The basket on the bottom holds felt numbers. This is my least favorite page and was almost left out.

Page 14: Felt troll (Dora) fabric glued on. The hair is embroidery floss. Embroidered lettering.


the Picketts said...

wow Jessie! looks awesome, good job! i'm sure she will love it! what alot of work that was!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful! I think I will have to make one for sweet Lucy. Thank you for the inspiration. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Flowers said...

I am impressed by your artistic skills. Your blog looks wonderful with pictures of Stitch material. Enjoyed it very much.

Casey said...

The quiet book is fantastic and you continue to amaze me with your work and talent. You did such a great job and she is already enjoying it. Now we can only hope that it will keep her quiet during church!

Rachel said...

It looks amazing. I would rather pay you to make one for me than endure the process. Let me know if you're in the market!

Mindy said...

Way cool idea! I don't need another project, but now I want to make one or 7!

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