Monday, December 7, 2009

A thousand words

I got the final pictures from our super fab photo shoot tonight and could not wait to get to the computer to see them! I love them all. Jenna is amazing and is such a talented photographer. She really listened to what we wanted. I love that she captured our personalities and the fun and friendly nature of our little group. Feast your eyes:

See Nikki, third from the left? That girl is 7 months pregnant! She's getting some serious air.
Just a little morbid fun at Mimi's expense.

PS We so missed all who weren't able to be there!


Jill Manning said...

Wow, Jenna you are a goddess!!! These photos are awesome! To say I love one more than the other would be just silly but I do like what you did with that last one with all our faces, that one makes me smile! And the one of us jumping...I swear my feet left the ground, I swear it!!!

the Picketts said...

oh my gosh! that first jumping one kills me:) love those pics!

niKKi said...

Wow I did get up in the air, did not think I did at the time.

You girls are all beautiful, this was so fun and Jenna you are amazing! Great pics!!!!!

Maren said...

Those are so cute. Jill isn't jumping in the first one - was she afraid she'd be over our heads? Crazy non-jumping Jill. I would like to see her contend with Christie. Christie might be short, but she obviously has some Mexican jumping bean DNA in her body. Go Girl! SO cute ladies...

Colleen said...

It looks like you have to be in your 20's to join.


Celeste said...

Just ran across your blog and I'm LOVIN' it! SupaCute aprons and I look forward to keeping up with your groups bright future!


Maren said...

Colleen - thanks for saying you have to be 20 to join, I'm actually closer to 34, but would kiss you for a compliment like that. Actually we would love to have you come sew with us. My bff across the street is in her 50's and our group wouldn't be the same without her. The only requirement to join this group is - you like to have fun. That's it - you don't even have to sew. We've had quite a few non-sewing ladies just come to hang out. The more the merrier.

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