Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sew cute, yet no sewing - something fun to do with your kids

I love this. I teach preschool and today our theme was dogs. I didn't have a craft already planned so I grabbed the computer and did a quick search for dog craft - this is what came up... wow. I can make this with 3 year olds and it costs me nothing.

 I have a kazillion mismatched socks, I can use the insides of an old pillow for stuffing, and the for eyes - do you want googly or buttons? I don't have cute socks to make the hoodies, but seriously -  So cute. Danielle has so many different animals on her site that you can make within a few minutes. What a great idea - you can click here to see more.

Keep in mind, they helped stuffing and picked out the ribbons, the glue gun is too hot (for even me), I burnt my finger at least 3 times.

Even though it's not as cute as Danielle's - it's a cute little craft and so easy.


Jill Manning said...

When I saw these photos I thought for sure that you had to do at least some sewing but you didn't at all. What an adorable idea. I'm sure those little ones love their lil doggies. Way to go Maren, I hope Elsie gets to have you as a pre-school teacher because you rock!

Jessie Lewis said...

I have so much stuffing just wasting away. I definitely need to make more cute little toys just like this.

niKKi said...

I loved them, they are so cute. I want to make more.

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