Friday, February 26, 2010

the stick people have a home

I don't know if you remember these guys. I made the stick people back in Sept for my preschool. I had a faded job chart that was falling apart and I became determined to make them a new home. Well, here it is.

I had some vinyl and a small piece of canvas, that's really all there is to it except for some scraps I used for trim. I doubled up the vinyl to create a pocket and used bias tape for separation and so you couldn't pull the plastic right from the canvas (I'm sure one of my kids will try).

The stick person actually is placed between the canvas and the vinyl, leaving the front pocket available to slide a piece of paper in.

There are quite a few possibilities; you could make a chore chart for you child, 7 day events chart (like a potty chart), or a FHE chart. You could use popsicle sticks that say something like "Done" or "Still need to do" etc, or the names of family members. My favorite part is the sleeve. It makes changing classroom jobs or rearranging things so much easier. And being on canvas I can fold it up and store it in a binder or a box.

There are a lot of creative ways to make this uniquely yours. At last my stick people are home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a few projects ...

I wanted to display a few of my recent projects in hopes of inspiring my fellow sewing-sisters out there to dust off their sewing machines and make something with the fabric collecting dust off their shelves. The first color combination was inspired by Jesse, I don't think I would have gone there on my own, but as per her request I made her an Emmeline apron and an Edith twirl skirt for her darling Maddy matchy matchy in the teal and red.... Now onto the projects.

I made these portable travel chairs the other night. They are so quick and EASY! I printed up the tutorial by Carrie Lundell her tutorial is fantastic and easy to follow. Just click here.

I made 2 travel chairs. I used cotton fabric and a thin batting. The dimensions I followed were from homemadebyjill - except I followed her advice and shortened the waist ties by 6 inches. But actually I think maybe 3 inches would have been better. My velcro was 1' wide (Carrie suggest 2' wide), I can see the benefits of using wider velcro for a more snug fit.

Abbey side view.

We are off to Disneyland next week and I'm sure these will come in handy. Sometimes Abbey likes sitting in a booster seat, but often they don't have a belt and she tries to stand up, this will help to keep her at least a little bit more secure.

Jill used 3 different fabrics. All of them on the band. I used 2 different fabrics on the band at 12' each. For the connector I chose a corresponding fabric. I LOVE the result. Polka-dots and toile are my favorites.

This is what the travel chair looks like when assembled and threaded through the chair back. 

I made a second one in brown and green. I love this combination the most (okay and the model - who couldn't love the model?)

The only thing - I tucked the connector in a little too far on this one when I did my top stitching. Carrie and Jill both didn't give a recommendation for the length, I would say to give yourself 4 inches exposed.

You can see all the pretty fabrics put together here. You don't really get to see the fabulous combinations, but they add an element of visual interest and detail (plus you know you have cute fabric)

Okay... so Abbey was done now, but she can't wiggle her way out of this one (ha, ha, ha)

The next project was to remake this ugly beast. I'm obsessed with spray starch and you can tell. This cover was about as crispy as you could get. It probably would have caught fire the next time I used it.

I used a Home Decor weight fabric, unpicked the casing and elastic from the old cover. Traced the old cover, then reused the casing and elastic. It was pretty easy and the end result so worth it, but does this mean I must bid farewell to my obsession? 

I made this over Christmas for James. He loves Star Wars and Wendy let me buy this fabric off her cheap. It's a simple tie quilt. Instead of buying batting I bought a cheap blanket from wal-mart ($5) and a flat sheet for a full bed. It fit like a glove.

I folded over the edges and sewed it right up. It couldn't have been easier. My sisters and mom helped. It was actually a lot of fun.

This was another project I made over Christmas with my preschoolers and my kids. I made one copy and  color copied it for the grandparents. It was a lot of fun and a cool keepsake.

Lastly - I made my last bath apron (for awhile). These are so easy to make and a good gift for anyone expecting or with a newborn. I made this one for my sweet friend Nikki. I love the soft teal/green with the brown polka-dots. I will not miss making bias tape (for awhile) at least.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My favorite find!

I've had this recurring problem that, up until today, I haven't been able to find a good solution to: transporting cupcakes! I can't tell you how many cupcakes have been squished, dropped, flung, and cupcake-napped by little monsters on the way to our destination. Yes, I've seen all the ones at the local craft and baking supply stores, but they all allow 12 cupcakes. Seriously, who only makes 12 cupcakes? Not me. Especially not when I'm making them for a birthday party or family gathering or sewing night. I was so excited today when I found The Cupcake Courier at Costco for $17.99! This is a great deal, girls, because I've only seen them online for $25-$30. So what's the big deal? It carries 36 cupcakes! 36 decorated cupcakes--meaning the frosting won't squish all over the lid or the other cupcakes. And they are so convenient to carry around and put in your car (no more cupcakes smashed into the carpet here!). And they come in cute colors. At Costco they have white, pink and teal. I got the pink one. I'm so excited! So excited that I'll probably make some Lemon Cream cupcakes for sewing night this week just so I can transport them in my new Cupcake Courier. This kinda sounds like an advertisement, huh. Nope, I'm not getting paid for this. Cupcakes just get me a little excited. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rain Boots

I have been working on a baby shower gift for my cousin-in-law and wanted to post pictures of these adorable baby rain boots that I gave her.

I used a pattern that I bought at I Think Sew a while back and LOVE how they turned out. I'm a little concerned that the pattern was for 9-12 months and the actual boot looks much smaller than that but who cares when the boots look this adorable.
I made a coordinating dress using my favorite dress pattern, The Sweet Little Dress by Leila and Ben but sadly I forgot to get a picture of it all together before the shower.
But everyone loved the booties, they were a hit and will be perfect to keep those little girl's tootsies warm during those Utah winters. Now I need to figure out how to make a pair for myself because I really do LOVE them.

Pardon Me...

...while I drool! I think every year I am blessed with many Valentines. Some in the form of a boy (my hubby), children, friends and family. This year one of my Valentines sent me a very, VERY sweet Valentine that I was told it had to be used towards being creative and crafty. Well, twist my arm why don't ya. I already had some Amy Butler fabric in mind for a skirt I wanted to make for myself (this will be my first attempt at making something for myself other than an apron. I'm a little nervous. I'll tell you how it goes). But with Valentine love left over, I started looking for dress patterns for Elsie. Maybe something for Easter. Maybe just something fun. I started with my usual online haunts; Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Simplicity, Etsy, I Think Sew. And through my travels I discovered these gems. No, priceless jewels. No, giggle-inducing-take-my-breathe-away adorableness. I discovered Oliver+S. I don't know if I am the last person in the crafting/sewing world to discover Oliver+S but by golly, I'm going to share my enthusiasm with anyone that reads this blog. I can't even remember how I stumbled on these patterns but I am so happy that I did. Just take a look at some of these children patterns.

First off, just the pattern packaging makes me giddy. It takes me back to playing with paper dolls at my Grandparent's cabin.
Each pattern gives me a Anthropology/vintage/not-too-girly-yet-very-feminine vibe and I love it! I'm not going to lie, I want them all. I checked out their Flickr group and saw what people did with the patterns and fell even more in love. You should check out how talented some people are. I can't wait to get my patterns and dress Elsie up like I used to with those paper dolls that my Grandma had.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wanna win a $50 gift card to Safeway?! It can be used at Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Genuardi's, Dominick's, Carrs, Randalls and Tom Thumb. Check out the details at my family blog and leave a comment to enter! Super easy. The giveaway ends Thursday, February 11th at 11:59pm.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've been coveting this fabric for quite a while online. It's part of Amy Butler's new Love line. I LOOOVE it. I had to drive out to Phoenix yesterday to get a part for my machine, and as I walked into the store, the collection greeted me warmly. I only purchased half a yard because I have no project at all in mind. Dang it! I should have at least bought a yard.

I was thinking, maybe a shirt for Maddie, or buy a plain fabric and make an apron, or....I don't know. Suggestions? How can I use this Lovely fabric to its fullest potential???

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