Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pardon Me...

...while I drool! I think every year I am blessed with many Valentines. Some in the form of a boy (my hubby), children, friends and family. This year one of my Valentines sent me a very, VERY sweet Valentine that I was told it had to be used towards being creative and crafty. Well, twist my arm why don't ya. I already had some Amy Butler fabric in mind for a skirt I wanted to make for myself (this will be my first attempt at making something for myself other than an apron. I'm a little nervous. I'll tell you how it goes). But with Valentine love left over, I started looking for dress patterns for Elsie. Maybe something for Easter. Maybe just something fun. I started with my usual online haunts; Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Simplicity, Etsy, I Think Sew. And through my travels I discovered these gems. No, priceless jewels. No, giggle-inducing-take-my-breathe-away adorableness. I discovered Oliver+S. I don't know if I am the last person in the crafting/sewing world to discover Oliver+S but by golly, I'm going to share my enthusiasm with anyone that reads this blog. I can't even remember how I stumbled on these patterns but I am so happy that I did. Just take a look at some of these children patterns.

First off, just the pattern packaging makes me giddy. It takes me back to playing with paper dolls at my Grandparent's cabin.
Each pattern gives me a Anthropology/vintage/not-too-girly-yet-very-feminine vibe and I love it! I'm not going to lie, I want them all. I checked out their Flickr group and saw what people did with the patterns and fell even more in love. You should check out how talented some people are. I can't wait to get my patterns and dress Elsie up like I used to with those paper dolls that my Grandma had.

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Jessie Lewis said...

Love it! I've been wanting to try out a dress for the Mads. Still daunting but a cute pattern definitely gives me hope.

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