Friday, February 26, 2010

the stick people have a home

I don't know if you remember these guys. I made the stick people back in Sept for my preschool. I had a faded job chart that was falling apart and I became determined to make them a new home. Well, here it is.

I had some vinyl and a small piece of canvas, that's really all there is to it except for some scraps I used for trim. I doubled up the vinyl to create a pocket and used bias tape for separation and so you couldn't pull the plastic right from the canvas (I'm sure one of my kids will try).

The stick person actually is placed between the canvas and the vinyl, leaving the front pocket available to slide a piece of paper in.

There are quite a few possibilities; you could make a chore chart for you child, 7 day events chart (like a potty chart), or a FHE chart. You could use popsicle sticks that say something like "Done" or "Still need to do" etc, or the names of family members. My favorite part is the sleeve. It makes changing classroom jobs or rearranging things so much easier. And being on canvas I can fold it up and store it in a binder or a box.

There are a lot of creative ways to make this uniquely yours. At last my stick people are home!


the Picketts said...

so cute maren! your ideas & creativity always amazes me!

j&jwebbfamily said...

So, cute I might have to make one for my preschool. : )

ninarif said...

great! this would be perfect for my alphabets at kindy! thanks for the idea! :P

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