Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Feel Pretty

I finished this sundress for Myla. I've had this great fabric (Red Letter Day by LizzyHouse) waiting for the perfect project. I finally decided to just go for it. I used this pattern from Simplicity, but as usual didn't follow the instructions exactly. Pattern reading is not my forte. I took Myla outside to take some pics before school and she started doing these poses. I asked her what she was doing and she said (with all the exasperation of a teenager), "I'm doing my dance "I Feel Pretty!" Oh, right. Why didn't I know that? :) She's taking dance now and they are practicing a dance to "I Feel Pretty." She's in this stage where she will tolerate me putting her in a dress for school or church but the second she comes home she changes. Works for me! Then they won't get tomato soup and strawberry juice all over them.


Jill Manning said...

Love the dress. Love the pose. Love the girl. Love everything. I'm glad that she is still willing to humor you and wear all these cute things that you make for her. She is one lucky little girl!

Maren said...

I love the pose... duh mom. That is the standard "I feel pretty pose" - everyone knows that. I LOVE the dress. I will need to borrow that pattern also. Good job! You can borrow my serger anytime!

Tonya said...

OH my she is adorable and the dress is lovely! Of course I love the pose too. Looks like she has lots of character. :)

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