Sunday, March 7, 2010

Latest Projects by Jill

**NOTE: I apologize for anyone that reads my personal blog as well as this one, you will be reading this twice.**


I little while ago I was browsing through some of my favorite fabric websites and found this adorable Any Butler fabric...on CLEARANCE!!! I was so excited when I found it but didn't want to buy it without having the perfect project for it. You know how it is, you buy a yard of some delicious fabric without having a designated project for it and than whe you do find that perfect project you don't enough fabric. And than you go looking for it and can't find it for that same amazing price that you originally bought it really bums me out how many times that has happened to me. But one of my Secret Stitch Sisters let me borrown her Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt patternI knew we had a winner. I was a little nervous about the skirt because it had a zipper and I had never done anything close to installing a zipper and I was VERY intimidated. But armed with a great pattern, lots of online tutorials, cute fabric and a sweet little girl who takes really long naps, I was able to finish the skirt...zipper and all! I love this skirt. I is so comfortable and the fit is perfect. As soon as I finished it I was so excited with how it turned out that I called up my mom, who just happened to be visiting one of my sisters, and did a video chat with them so that I could show it to someone. With my new found confidence, I decided to make a matching skirt for Elsie using my left over fabric. I don't know which skirt I love more, her's or mine. I used the oh-so-darling Double Layer Skirt Tutorial by Bridget Baxter and couldn't have asked for a more pefect skirt for this little one. Seriously, this skirt is one of the quickest things I have ever sewn. Like cut and sewn in two hours. I think a few more of these will be creeping into Elsie's wardrobe just in time for summer.
After a gained a new found confidence in my sewing ability after conquering the Zipper, I decided to take on this totally adorable Sunday outfit for Elsie.
I found this pattern and several other super adorable patterns at Oliver+s and couldn't wait to whip one up. Okay, to say that I whipped up this pattern would be a total lie. It took me forever but it was all worth it in the end. Elsie looked adorable.

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The skirt is my favorite part. Sadly, I used some really flimsy tweed fabric and the skirt didn't make it all the way through church without ripping up both side seams. I will for sure be making the skirt again, it was super easy and just so darling. The jacket, it may be a while before I can get myself to attempt it but maybe next fall/winter Elsie will be in need for a cute little red coat. We'll see. But the jacket is super adorable paired with jeans.
So there you have it, these have just been some of my latest projects. I love sewing!


Jessie Lewis said...

Jill, these are all so adorable! Elsie looked so cute and sophisticated at church.

Maren said...

wow ... wow ... wow - I have to make this now. I'm all for communal patterns.

Christie said...

Jill, you are quite the trailblazer. Elsie looked so cute!! That's a bummer that tweed skirt ripped. I wonder if you could use an interfacing or something. I've got tons. She just looked perfect in that tweed! Like little tiny business woman. :) And you both look so cute in your mom/daughter skirts.

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