Thursday, April 1, 2010

Starting your own sewing group? YEAH!!

Kristen from Spokane, WA:
Can you tell everyone about the logistics of your sewing club. I live in Spokane and have started a sewing club as well, but it would help to know how you plan since you've been doing it for some time now.How many people come each week? Do you all bring your own machines? How does that work? Does everyone have a really big house? I would lov3e to know more. Thanks!

I could cry at the sheer joy of hearing there are other clubs out there like us. I love this sewing group and have found some best friends for life in this group. Not to mention free therapy! Ok so here are a few basic ideas I think you need to have a good sewing night.

1. Invite new people all the time - when you run into someone you have some things in common with or find out they like to sew invite them to join your group. Look for new members at church, play groups, work, etc. Even if they don't like to sew or never have - invite them to come and enjoy some "girl time" (they might just surprise you and begin sewing, right Beka?)

2. Decide how many times you want to meet a month - my mom started a sewing group that was once a month and it quickly fizzled out. We decided to meet once a week, at first it seemed like a lot, and there have been times when I've hosted sewing night and sewed solo, but other times I feel like I could meet twice a week, and a lot of people come out. I would say on average we have 5-7 ladies.

3. Set a specific day of the week - choose the one night that works best for you. We are currently Thursdays but it has changed a few times to work with school, families, husbands, etc.

4. Set a specific time - Every week we know we are welcome after 8pm. Many of us have small children and it's easier to sew when they sleep or husbands are home to care for them.

5. Have a home base - For the first couple years we met at my house. It was nice for me because of my husbands schedule, but on some nights I wanted to get away (or not have to clean for people coming over). Many group members lived in condos and thought they were too small to host in, but this last year we branched out and took turns hosting. My dining room where we sew is really big and Jessie's condo is tiny - but we make it work. We use her coffee table or just bring stuff to cut out that night. But if anything falls through everyone knows they can come to my house and sew. I send out an email with all the sewing dates asking when is a convienient time to host, and we work around that.

6. Share, steal, or borrow - When we first started none of us knew how to sew. We all had borrowed machines. I didn't own a machines for 6 months, and just borrowed anyone I could get my hands on. I think it's not a bad idea, I got to "test drive" a few machines before deciding on the one I wanted. Usually I don't take my machine unless I plan on sewing (instead of just chatting or cutting out).

6. Make it fun - We bring each other drinks, snacks, food, etc. We try out new recipes (my husbands favorite part is the food, when I host). We watch movies, tv shows, listen to music - mostly just enjoy each others company, and of course sew! We also like to do fabric swaps or apron/purse swaps to celebrate our anniversary or the holidays.

Thanks for your question Kristen, let me know if you have any other questions and please let us know if you start a group blog to share your sewing. We'd love to promote you and link to you.

**If your ever in town - (Phx. area) please come to one of our sewing nights. We would love to have you!! Send us an email and we will give you all the details.


hey, jode said...

I'm in Chandler, AZ. Where are you???

Maren said...

Jode, we are in West Mesa. Near Bass Proshop. We'd love to have you.

Katie said...

Maren, you invited me about 2 years ago and I never seemed to get the logistics worked out, since my youngest was still tiny and nursing 'round the clock. I've been wanting to ask if I could try again, but was too timid to ask. Room for one more? :D

Matt & Kristin said...

Thanks for all the great tips. I think you're right about once a month being possibly to infrequent. This is what I have started out doing, since I don't want the whole thing to be too overwhelming. Hopefully it will grow in the future!

Anonymous said...

If there is anyone is the Spokane, WA area in need of home interior fabric, my husband pick up a bunch, its on sale on the local craigslist page. really nice stuff, and cheap too!

Coach said...

I use to meet with a girlfriend and sew historical dresses. She moved away two years ago and I have really missed our sewing dates. If anyone reads this and would consider adding a sewing buddy, please let me know. I am better at quilting then clothing but I really want to make some 40's dresses.

Anonymous said...

hi, Kristen
I live in Spokane too, can i join your sewing club... i have been looking for any sewing club here...
my email is

Elizabeth said...

I'm a student who wants to start a sewing club at my college. Do you have any suggestions? The ones already listed are great!

The Secret Sewing Lounge said...

Hi!! I have just come across your beautiful blog and would like to share that I've have started a sewing/craft group and it's so much fun. I run it from my sewing lounge in Brisbane at Can You Keep A Secret? Vintage store. It's called The Secret Sewing Lounge and stumbled across you searching for an image. I encourage you all to share the love and empower people to not be afraid off sewing machine :) much love Tatum! :)

Karin said...

You have been amazing helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am in the Buffalo, NY area and we are starting a new club here in my area where all are welcome to join us.
I have a public space and 2 friends and we are going to look for more and share our new fun sewing adventures together. You have helped thank you.

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