Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What the scrap?!

So I've been working on a children's smock pattern. The one I made for the giveaway - I wasn't entirely in love with. I made some more alterations and I think I'm really liking this pattern.

My sister-in-law entered the giveaway like 6 times and didn't win - but because she has had such a crappy few months recently, I decided I would make her a couple smocks for her little angel devilina.

I literally went through my scrap box and "cut and pasted"some bits of fabric together. This is what I came up with. I closed them with velcro, but I think if you added a couple ties in the back it could easily be a summer top. It's sew nice to use scraps especially when you hate to throw away smaller pieces of perfectly good material. I think I might make a couple for etsy and a few for a silent auction at our church in a few weeks.

This is the back. I don't love the bias tape on this one (it was a touch too big) but it was left over from a bath apron I made a few months back. I think I will have to do a tutorial and post my finished patterns for all of you to use. Sew much scrappy fun!


Christie said...

They are all so cute. I love that you used little fabric scraps and combined them to make them useful.

Jill Manning said...

Well, scrap Maren! You blow me away with your ability to tweak and improve patterns. I adore that first smock with the green zebra print, that is too sassy and cute. I'm not worthy! I'm not worth!!!

LucyH said...

I love my little smock! It looks so cute on my Elsie and she loves to wear it! I would love a pattern~

Ashley said...


Ashley said...

Did I mention that I have the best seester in law ever?!?!?

the work verification was:

sounds like:

ha ha

AMIT said...
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