Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is your inner self a selfish seamstress?

This is the Selfish Seamstress - I realize she is way out of our league in terms of sewing, but it's always fun to have someone to aspire to. Anyway, Christie introduced me to her blog a few weeks back and her hilarious haiku's .... we all agree with her sayings wether we utter them aloud or just in our head. 
Which one is your favorite?

Christie - "Some of it is so true! My favorite is when people hear you can sew and then have all kinds of projects for you to "help" them with. That's where she's coming from. You have to check out her store. She sells mugs and shirts and stuff from Zazzle with funny haiku's on them, like:

I mended your pants.
There might still be some pins in them.
Just kidding...or not.

It's cute that you think
That I'd like to sew curtains
For your stupid house.

Mare's fave:
When I sew for me
There's no such thing as bedtime
Oh, look, there's the sun.

Some people take joy
In sewing for their loved ones.
We call them "suckas."

You'll buy the fabric
If I sew the dress for you.
What's in it for me?

You need your pants hemmed?
Google for local tailors.
Glad that I could help!

Christie's fave:
Things were casual
Then love grew and so did you,
Sweet, beloved stash.

Sew something for you?
It’s not that I don’t have time,
I just don’t want to.

not only is she teeny tiny and super cute - look at these clothes... someday. someday. I forgot to mention - all her proceeds from t-shirts and mugs, she donates to charity (doesn't buy fabric? What the h.!) Wow. I'm impressed.


Christie said...

I love that she says what we all poetic form!

Just to clarify though: I love to help people out. Two sets of eyes and brains are definitely better than one, especially when figuring out patterns and stuff. I meant when people want me to "help" but really mean that they want me to sew the entire thing for them. That's not helping, that's free labor. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, just saw this-- thank you for the shout-out! Incidentally, my skills are pretty intermediate, and judging by the stuff I'm seeing on your blog, I think you could handle any of the patterns I take on just fine :)

BTW, you're making me crave aprons, and I've never even had one!

Happy sewing!

celeste stone said...

that is awesome her clothes are so cute! I mean i have a million sewing projects of my own let alone do some charity sewing for people i know lol ( Also im not the best seamstress so it takes me way longer to do a project) this was such a grea post!

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