Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pillow love

My friend Tiffani gave me 3 chairs that she had "shabby chiqued" and no longer needed.

So I decided to make a few pillows. I wanted to tie in the polka-dot fabric so I appliqued onto it.

I used a green sheet to back all the pillows and added black ribbons for ties.

I added the ties for 2 reasons - the chairs are kind of small so I thought the ties would keep the pillows from falling off and we live in a neighborhood with lots of nasty feral cats and I was not about to let those &%#$ cats have these pillows too. 

Oh, I love them them. So - so - so cute!


Jill Manning said...

I love love love them too!! Did you stuff them yourself or did you buy pillow inserts? I am so impressed Maren, the fabric you chose is so you and so perfect together. Way to go!

Maren said...

I actually used an old pillow that had been washed and lost it's shape - perfect for stuffing and cheaper then buying filling or pillow inserts.

Jessie Lewis said...

Having seen these in person, I am so jealous of your cute front porch. So fun and cute.

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