Sunday, May 23, 2010

so cute and girly twirly skirt

I finished my last outfit for awhile. I think I've made about 10 of the Edith twirl skirts so far, a little more then half of them with shirts. They get easier all the time, but really I think I've become a little obsessed.

I love this fabric combo. The teal/tiger stripe/and polka dots - so darn cute. 

These skirts are lined, which intimidated me at first, but it's easier to make then you think.

This t-shirt is $3 at Walmart, of course Target has a cuter more tailored looking t-shirt for $5, that I've also appliqued on. This applique is from Lil' Blue Boo.


Scott and Jenna said...

This one turned out SOO cute. Eva's gotten tons of compliments, and I can't wait to get some photos of her in it. Thanks again Maren!

Jessie Lewis said...

I love Maddie's little skirt! I can't believe you've made 10! That's super human.

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