Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Skirt Week (cool) ... but free stuff (cooler!)

Well, after Christie's suggestion I submitted 5 skirts for Crafterhours Blog skirt week. You can enter up to 4 skirts you've made from any time in your whole entire life (in each category). So I thought - why not. True, the majority of my submissions are Edith Twirl Skirts - but hey, when you like chocolate you stick with it right? You have to enter by JUNE 18th.

I urge any of you to enter as well. I know Jill, Jessie, and Christie have all recently made skirts - free stuff is free stuff right? The gift basic is loaded with cool things (I'm most excited by the gift cards and FREE patterns - yahoo!)

If you want to see my submissions - go HERE
or you can see one HERE

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