Friday, June 11, 2010

Skirt Week - a little nod to my skirts

The ladies of skirt week said they'd pick a few skirt here and there to post pics of. These aren't winners, just some they think are cute, there are two entries of mine pictured above.

This one was all about the skirt in motion - thanks Jessie for taking an awesome picture of the adorable "Mannie" (as Abbey would say) wearing the skirt I made. Here's hoping I might walk away with more then just bragging rights. Ladies - you still have a week to enter. It closes June 18th.


JC and Jen Young said...

They are all so cute

Jessie Lewis said...

I think you're definitely going to win with Maddie's skirt. It's the cutest skirt I've seen ever.

Kelly Land said...

Your skirts look great! Is there any way that I can get your posts sent to my email?? Thanks!

Christie said...

I love all your skirts! That's so cool she featured so many of yours! It's a good sign. :)

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