Thursday, July 29, 2010

Like them, you will...

Remember when we first started the SSC blog like 3 years ago and we would find pictures of fun aprons on the internet and post them on our blog? That slowed down when we actually started making aprons like crazy and showcased the ones we made instead. Well, since I haven't made an apron (or anything for that matter) in a while, I thought I'd share a few aprons I've seen around lately. Actually, Kevin showed me these aprons. I'm sure those who know us nerdy McMillans are not suprised. Those of you who caught my Yoda reference in the post title get an extra 5 points. Not sure what you will do with those extra 5 points, but yours they are. :) Hee hee.

image from here
(For when you're in the mood...or want to put him in the mood)
The Infamous Princess Leia Bikini Apron

image from here
(For when you're in a bad mood)
The Darth Vader Apron
Go here if you'd like to spend $25 on one of these aprons...they will probably become your next family heirloom. Funny, I am. Know it, you do.
Ok, I'll stop now. :)

(Totally off-topic: I'm hosting a $25 Kroger grocery gift card giveaway on my family blog. All you have to do is leave a comment. Go here to enter! Giveaway ends August 5th.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I keep sewing...

This was me 11 years ago. 23 years old and getting hitched to the greatest (and hottest) guy I knew (know). This was my wedding dress... well, technically I was wearing my mom's dress during the actual ceremony, keep in mind my mom made her dress when she was 19 year old. This dress was bought for my reception. It was my wedding dress. I loved it.

I loved that the top had beautiful detailed beading. I loved the short sleeves despite it being January and snow on the ground. I loved that the train bustled up in back and the empire waist was flattering. I loved that it showed off my best asset without being too scandalous. I love that Jason's parents wanted me to have the dress I loved and bought it for me.

But here you are 11 years later. What are you still doing here dress? You served your purpose, but now you are collecting dust in an ugly torn bag, taking up valuable closet space. You've not only served me well, but also a few others. The dry cleaners did a number on your bead work and frankly, I will never wear you again. Your life with me is over. But I don't want to just send you to Goodwill or give you away... I'm kind of attached to you. What if you get reinvented and live a new life? 

How about as a dress for my gorgeous daughter?

After I took the seam ripper and a pair of scissors to a worn out but beautiful dress I would never wear again. I sent all the pieces to my mom and asked her to create something for Paige's baptism.

She created something really special. Simple and elegant. It has an empire waist, some nice bead work on the top and somewhat echoes it's previous life. We love it. It's perfect and someday I hope to be the kind of grandma that can return the favor to my own granddaughter - because I kept on sewing.

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