Monday, August 23, 2010

A Hoodie

I went through a huge sewing funk a few weeks ago. It didn't matter how big my project pile was getting, I just did not have it in me to pull out all my sewing gear and get to work. I told Ty that I wasn't going to buy anymore patterns til I started finishing my projects that I had already started. That still wasn't motivating me into action the way I was hoping. That is until I stumbled across the Heidi and Finn Etsy site. I was drooling over so many of their patterns and knew that I needed them immediately. But I stayed true to my word and knocked out so many of my unfinished projects so that I could splurge and buy more patterns. I'm so glad that I did because I really want to make This Hoodie for Elsie in time for our big family trip in September.
So here is Elsie sporting her first hoodie:

I think that smile means she loves it. Poor girl had to model a stuffy hoodie when it is 100+ degrees outside and very humid. But she didn't seem to mind.
I think I am more in love with the lining fabric than anything else. I have been eyeing this fabric for years but never really had the perfect project for it. Another reason to love this pattern.

Oh and bonus, this pattern can be for a boy or a girl, how much do I love that?
Here were my thoughts while making this hoodie:
*The pattern originally called for three buttons plus three button holes. I hate making button holes. I know that the machines take all the work out of them but still, I don't like making them. They turn out cute and they can getting pretty messy after a few uses and the fabric is already pretty thick so the thought of sewing three holes was not appealing. So I added the three buttons but I cheated and sewed snaps on the back side of the button instead. So it looks like the hoodie is buttoned but really it is snapped. I feel pretty ingenious for thinking of this. Here are some pics to show you what I mean.

*I will make the bottom band a little bit thinner. I don't like how wide it is.
*I will probably do something different in the construction of attaching the hoodie to the band. Its too hard to explain what I would differently but I think the way she added the band creates too much extra bulk which then makes it really hard to sewing through extra layers of thick jersey. I'm not sure why she instructs us to do it her way but I want to play around with it next time I make one to see if there is a better way of putting it all together.
*This is not a project for beginners but the finish project makes all the cursing and frustration worth it.
I also bought the Cocktail Chic Swing Coat pattern, Ruffle Jumper Dress pattern and the Crisscross Top pattern.
Have a mentioned lately that I LOVE PDF patterns?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sewing Paper Goods

So the month of August is Secret Stitch's anniversary month. I wanted to do something for the group (and all of you) to celebrate. Along with sewing, another love of mine is design, so I decided to combine the two. I've been wanting to put together a book of my sewing projects, so I made this journal page so I can start. I thought Maren's tutorial would go great with this. I'll be bringing lots of copies of this to give at sewing night this Thursday.

I also made these book plates for all those sewing nuts out there. So, I'm thinking you can just right click on these and save them for your own use. If, for some reason this doesn't work, just send me an email and I'll send them your way.
Have fun!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Romper Fun

I love this pattern I bought from Little Chickadee Patterns Etsy shop. It's so simple and takes hardly any fabric. You could totally use an old t-shirt to make one. This was my first attempt, and I've cut out three more. Next one I cut out, I'll adjust a little to make the front gathered just below the neck, and I'll also use a contrasting fabric for the bias tape neckline and the waistband.
I love rompers on little girls, so summery!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

most delicious skirt of the summer


Nancy (clever girl) at My Blonde Ambitions - took a (fat man's shirt) size 4X shirt from Wal-mart and made it into this delicious skirt. She has a fantastic picture intense tutorial (you won't get lost - Thanks Nance!)...

I had to try it. This is a deep purple.

I did a few things differently. Instead of hemming the bottom ruffle of the skirt I used the finished edge of the t-shirt (I don't always sew straight and it was easier to add a piece for length then try to sew a straight line). Instead of using my serger I zigzagged the edges and made an "exposed" french seam. Also after I attached my ruffle I topstitched. People have asked where I bought them - HA! The ultimate compliment.

I also made it in black.

Here is a close up of my "exposed french seam. I sewed - right sides together and instead of making sure the seam is fully enclosed when you sew the wrong sides together, I sewed a shallower stitch so some raw material is exposed along the seam. It gives it a more casual look (I'm a t-shirt girl - so it matches my wardrobe better). In keeping with the casual look, I also attached the ruffle on the outside of the skirt so the rough edge along the top is exposed.

And I helped my little sister make one in gray. I think I bought these t-shirts at Wally for $4 each, and they are pretty long. If your a wee bit on the smaller side - Target has better colors (pink, etc.) just not the biggie big sizes. It's fabulous if you are prego, because you can make a larger waistband then add elastic or a drawstring post baby belly and still wear your "maternity" clothes without the fat frompy feeling. Hoorah for Nancy!

PJ Pants

I've been obsessed this last week. Can you tell with what? These are size 2T for Abbey. I got all the fabric in the clearance section at Joann's for 3$ a yard. The size 2T took 3/4's of a yard. I know some look a little boyish (like the deer fabric on the right) but the width was 35 inches. I didn't know fabric came that wide - guess that's what I get for assuming it's all 45 width.

These are all size 6. Some are flannel and some are cotton. Even though James is currently obsessed with sleeping in his boxer briefs - give him a few months and when it cools down and he'll be glad I made them.

I bought 2 yards of this light blue so I could make matchy-matchersen's for Paige & Abbey. I bought just a bunch of plain t-shirts at Wally to go with them for $3 each. You can't beat a full set of jammies for $6.

Abbey just wasn't so thrilled with the photo shoot.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Bag for Mom

When I was in CO a few weeks back, my Mom and I took a trip to Joanns so that I could make her new travel bag. She had a specific size that she was looking for and style but the most important requirement was that it had to look non-handmade. Not exactly the way that it is made and put together (because if that was the case she would not have asked me to make it for her) but the fabric. So we scoured that store and I have to say, my mom did a pretty fantastic job picking out the perfect fabric. Don't you think so too?


We used the McCall's M6131 pattern and it was actually pretty quick to make. Sadly for the last month or so I have been completely unmotivated to sew so it took me a while to finally complete it. But I am so glad that I did because now I am feeling the itch to sew again. Good thing because my project pile is getting really big and I told myself that I am not allowed to buy anymore patterns til I knock out some unfinished projects. And trust me, I just came across an Etsy site with some really darling little kid clothes and I really want them. If that's not motivation to get working, i don't know what is. Back to my mom's bag. The pattern actually called for a zipper but I hate how professional patterns do zipper instructions and my mom wanted something more simple so I opted for a basic snap. And the pattern didn't have a front pocket so I added that for her. She wanted the pocket so that she can put her ID and boarding pass in there instead of having to rummage through the whole back looking for them when she is at the airport. Which was a smart idea since this bag is twice the size we were wanting and expecting. Ty and I have been laughing at it for the last few days because it really is a monsterous bag but really, does it matter when it is so darling? I'm excited to hear what my mom thinks. If she doesn't like it, I'll take it off her hands for sure. You can always use a humongo bag for the pool or to tote around a medium size really is a big. but cute, bag. Enjoy mom! I'm glad I could make YOU something for a change.
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