Monday, August 23, 2010

A Hoodie

I went through a huge sewing funk a few weeks ago. It didn't matter how big my project pile was getting, I just did not have it in me to pull out all my sewing gear and get to work. I told Ty that I wasn't going to buy anymore patterns til I started finishing my projects that I had already started. That still wasn't motivating me into action the way I was hoping. That is until I stumbled across the Heidi and Finn Etsy site. I was drooling over so many of their patterns and knew that I needed them immediately. But I stayed true to my word and knocked out so many of my unfinished projects so that I could splurge and buy more patterns. I'm so glad that I did because I really want to make This Hoodie for Elsie in time for our big family trip in September.
So here is Elsie sporting her first hoodie:

I think that smile means she loves it. Poor girl had to model a stuffy hoodie when it is 100+ degrees outside and very humid. But she didn't seem to mind.
I think I am more in love with the lining fabric than anything else. I have been eyeing this fabric for years but never really had the perfect project for it. Another reason to love this pattern.

Oh and bonus, this pattern can be for a boy or a girl, how much do I love that?
Here were my thoughts while making this hoodie:
*The pattern originally called for three buttons plus three button holes. I hate making button holes. I know that the machines take all the work out of them but still, I don't like making them. They turn out cute and they can getting pretty messy after a few uses and the fabric is already pretty thick so the thought of sewing three holes was not appealing. So I added the three buttons but I cheated and sewed snaps on the back side of the button instead. So it looks like the hoodie is buttoned but really it is snapped. I feel pretty ingenious for thinking of this. Here are some pics to show you what I mean.

*I will make the bottom band a little bit thinner. I don't like how wide it is.
*I will probably do something different in the construction of attaching the hoodie to the band. Its too hard to explain what I would differently but I think the way she added the band creates too much extra bulk which then makes it really hard to sewing through extra layers of thick jersey. I'm not sure why she instructs us to do it her way but I want to play around with it next time I make one to see if there is a better way of putting it all together.
*This is not a project for beginners but the finish project makes all the cursing and frustration worth it.
I also bought the Cocktail Chic Swing Coat pattern, Ruffle Jumper Dress pattern and the Crisscross Top pattern.
Have a mentioned lately that I LOVE PDF patterns?


Maren said...

I love it - especially the lining, but seriously doesn't it make you feel so clever when you can tweak a pattern and make it that much cooler? I love their patterns and the fact that they are so affordable - it's easy to buy 4 or 5 when normally you could get 2 for that price.

Jessie Lewis said...

I'm not sure which is cuter; Elsie's smile or the hoodie? I think the smile wins, but just barely because that hoodie is so adorable!

LadySilverOak said...

Oh that is too cute. The lining is my favorite. Although the faux buttons are adorable as well!

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