Thursday, August 12, 2010

most delicious skirt of the summer


Nancy (clever girl) at My Blonde Ambitions - took a (fat man's shirt) size 4X shirt from Wal-mart and made it into this delicious skirt. She has a fantastic picture intense tutorial (you won't get lost - Thanks Nance!)...

I had to try it. This is a deep purple.

I did a few things differently. Instead of hemming the bottom ruffle of the skirt I used the finished edge of the t-shirt (I don't always sew straight and it was easier to add a piece for length then try to sew a straight line). Instead of using my serger I zigzagged the edges and made an "exposed" french seam. Also after I attached my ruffle I topstitched. People have asked where I bought them - HA! The ultimate compliment.

I also made it in black.

Here is a close up of my "exposed french seam. I sewed - right sides together and instead of making sure the seam is fully enclosed when you sew the wrong sides together, I sewed a shallower stitch so some raw material is exposed along the seam. It gives it a more casual look (I'm a t-shirt girl - so it matches my wardrobe better). In keeping with the casual look, I also attached the ruffle on the outside of the skirt so the rough edge along the top is exposed.

And I helped my little sister make one in gray. I think I bought these t-shirts at Wally for $4 each, and they are pretty long. If your a wee bit on the smaller side - Target has better colors (pink, etc.) just not the biggie big sizes. It's fabulous if you are prego, because you can make a larger waistband then add elastic or a drawstring post baby belly and still wear your "maternity" clothes without the fat frompy feeling. Hoorah for Nancy!


Nancy said...

wow, so fun to see someone make something I did, great job, I'm impressed! You even seem to know a lot of fancy sewing lingo, I'm in the dark on that stuff. And very smart to use the seam that was already there, like I said I'm not that smart. Bravo friend!

Jessie Lewis said...

Love this skirt. Jersey is the way to go for comy skirts. I need to make a few to wear for the rest of our AZ summer, which we have far too long to go.

Jessie Lewis said...
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Christie said...

I'm totally trying this. They are delicious! And they look so comfy. And so cute!

Jill Manning said...

How can you resist a comfy skirt made out of a $4 shirt? Its like a dream come true. I wonder if I could rock this skirt as well as you do though?

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