Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Bag for Mom

When I was in CO a few weeks back, my Mom and I took a trip to Joanns so that I could make her new travel bag. She had a specific size that she was looking for and style but the most important requirement was that it had to look non-handmade. Not exactly the way that it is made and put together (because if that was the case she would not have asked me to make it for her) but the fabric. So we scoured that store and I have to say, my mom did a pretty fantastic job picking out the perfect fabric. Don't you think so too?


We used the McCall's M6131 pattern and it was actually pretty quick to make. Sadly for the last month or so I have been completely unmotivated to sew so it took me a while to finally complete it. But I am so glad that I did because now I am feeling the itch to sew again. Good thing because my project pile is getting really big and I told myself that I am not allowed to buy anymore patterns til I knock out some unfinished projects. And trust me, I just came across an Etsy site with some really darling little kid clothes and I really want them. If that's not motivation to get working, i don't know what is. Back to my mom's bag. The pattern actually called for a zipper but I hate how professional patterns do zipper instructions and my mom wanted something more simple so I opted for a basic snap. And the pattern didn't have a front pocket so I added that for her. She wanted the pocket so that she can put her ID and boarding pass in there instead of having to rummage through the whole back looking for them when she is at the airport. Which was a smart idea since this bag is twice the size we were wanting and expecting. Ty and I have been laughing at it for the last few days because it really is a monsterous bag but really, does it matter when it is so darling? I'm excited to hear what my mom thinks. If she doesn't like it, I'll take it off her hands for sure. You can always use a humongo bag for the pool or to tote around a medium size really is a big. but cute, bag. Enjoy mom! I'm glad I could make YOU something for a change.
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the Picketts said...

its a "manning-sized" bag:)- its super cute & totally looks non-homemade:) good job jill!! i really need to step it up!

josh healy said...

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Scott and Jenna said...

I really like the straps. Very cute!

Christie said...

It is so cute! You did a great job and I think your mom will adore it!

Anonymous said...

Love the bag. What's the etsy site that you love the little kids clothes. I'd like to look at it.

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