Thursday, August 12, 2010

PJ Pants

I've been obsessed this last week. Can you tell with what? These are size 2T for Abbey. I got all the fabric in the clearance section at Joann's for 3$ a yard. The size 2T took 3/4's of a yard. I know some look a little boyish (like the deer fabric on the right) but the width was 35 inches. I didn't know fabric came that wide - guess that's what I get for assuming it's all 45 width.

These are all size 6. Some are flannel and some are cotton. Even though James is currently obsessed with sleeping in his boxer briefs - give him a few months and when it cools down and he'll be glad I made them.

I bought 2 yards of this light blue so I could make matchy-matchersen's for Paige & Abbey. I bought just a bunch of plain t-shirts at Wally to go with them for $3 each. You can't beat a full set of jammies for $6.

Abbey just wasn't so thrilled with the photo shoot.

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Missy said...

My husband has been after me to make him a pair of pajama bottoms, he even bought the fabric and pattern for me! LOL

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