Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy Halloween Decor Tutorial

I was standing in line at Joann's and my son was looking through the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine. She has the coolest ideas and I was thinking I wanted to decorate a little more this year, but everything at the store was kind of cheesy or too small and I don't have ink in my printer to print cool graphics nor the energy to take on Martha -

... so I came up with my own Halloween artwork. I hope you like.

Start with 3 frames, matching or not. These were a few bucks each at Wal-Mart.

You will need 3 pieces of card stock (or use the inserts from the photos), aluminum foil, and spray glue.

1. Shake your tin foil back and forth a couple times to get some wrinlkles in it. 2. Hose down your paper with spray glue and lay it on top of the tin foil (I did it shiny side down). 3. cut off the excess and fold your corners in.

This is how it should look.

We had a cheap cardboard skeleton that's been around for about 7 years now that I cut up. I'm sure you could use just about anything or print some fun Halloween graphics from online. 4. Cut him to fit your foiled paper. 5. Hose him down with spray glue and attach him to the foiled paper.

6. Reassemble the frame.

7. Repeat the steps for his other body parts.

Might be good to put something under the spray glue - it coats everything close by whether intentional or not.

8. Put your frames together with ribbon or whatever (I used black bias tape - only thing I had on hand that was black at the time and I'm too lazy to run to the store in the middle of a sporadic project). I used pencils as spacers, so I could get my ties really tight and evenly space so it wouldn't hang crooked.

I hot glued them so they'd be able to with stand the weight of the frames (they might be cheap, but the glass adds weight).

Adds some fun festive atmosphere without too much energy or expense - my favorite kid of project, CHEAP & EASY.


Scott and Jenna said...

That turned out super cute! And I love me an easy project. Now if only I had my own (finished) home to decorate up...

Jessie Lewis said...

So clever and fun. Halloween is the second best holiday to decorate for.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

"hose him down with spray glue " made me giggle!

Brett and Emily said...

love this! wish i was in my house and could pull out and make more halloween things!

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